Mesomerism on Pentecost

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Cor 13:1

There are few words in the English language which modalities like the word resonance. It holds truths of our understanding phonetically, physically, electrically and chemically. My favourite of these definitions is this:

Chemistry. Also called mesomerism. the condition exhibited by a molecule when the actual arrangement of its valence electrons is intermediate between two or more arrangements having nearly the same energy, and the positions of the atomic nuclei are identical.

Words are more powerful than we give them credit, especially with the well known phrase “actions speak louder than words”, but what’s missed here is the power of words to manifest thought into the physical dimension. Actions beget words, which bloom from thought. A reaction of neurotransmitters, commands, thoughts, that spark movement of muscles, nerves or glands, into action, into resounding vibration. This power resides in each of us, with or without consciousness and we wield it intentionally or unintentionally. It is only when we crack open our eyes, awaken the function of our pineal gland {third eye}, that we become aware that this world we live, reside, function and love in, our reality is dependant on the clarity of our filter. When we realize that we are the captains of our destiny, through conscious engagement and ownership of our thoughts, which become our words, which become our actions. We literally create our own reality.

So then, in a world where conflicting narratives surrounds us from the outside, and equally conflicting thoughts within us, how do we ground ourselves? How do we find equilibrium and peace within the chaos of voices? Well, we must choose, like any plant, whose seed was coded with purpose and intention, to look within, to find our destiny within, coded within our DNA. It is in the undoing, the absolute destruction of that seed, for the destiny of its purpose to come to pass.

Yet, that seems too simple, too easy. What is seldom discussed is the pain, the heaviness and the shedding that is part and parcel with the healing journey, the process of recalibration and reintegration. It requires an enormous amount of humility and willingness to let go of everything we thought we knew in order for our minds eye to even see what is beyond our comprehension. Expansion often feels like fire, amidst the heat, the pressure and the pain, watching old skin, scales burning off, old ways, programmed belief systems dissipate. All this, in order to be replaced with something that resonates at a frequency we have never experienced, colours unimaginable, textures touching our skin, elating our senses in ways only ethereal. We must pass through the fire, purification, the doorway to elevation. We rise as a result of releasing, surrendering that which has weighed us down, kept us small, oppressed and stuck.

What if we held the keys, to this life, to our own destiny, to the creation of a world that was just, full of beauty, generosity, hope and restoration. We the people have the power, strength in numbers and guidance from our Higher Selves, but we must silence the noise of corruption, of fear and of greed, turn within and listen to the Divine within. We must stand for truth, stand for freedom, for our own individual sovereignty and the hope that we can only find in Christ within. There’s no time like the present for us to rise, for us to speak truth, for us to take back our power from the oppressors, the corporations and the elite who want us enslaved, numbed, dumbed down and dependant! I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to wash over, to heal, to enliven, to restore and to revive the purpose and destiny within each of you which is coded in your DNA.

From one here, in the trenches, facing my own personal hell, integrating my shadow with my light.

With love,
Camellia Sophia



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