The Son’s & Daughters of Narcissism

Camellia Sophia
9 min readJul 23, 2022

Generational Abuse & Unresolved Trauma

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“The erotic instinct is something questionable, and will always be so whatever a future set of laws may have to say on the matter. It belongs, on the one hand, to the original animal nature of man, which will exist as long as man has an animal body. On the other hand, it is connected with the highest forms of the spirit. But it blooms only when the spirit and instinct are in true harmony. If one or the other aspect is missing, then an injury occurs, or at least there is a one-sided lack of balance which easily slips into the pathological. Too much of the animal disfigures the civilized human being, too much culture makes a sick animal.”

C.G. Jung

For those of you who grew up with underlying family or parental trauma in your upbringing, I hope that some of what I am sharing will shed some light, help you feel seen and bring forth a form of your own healing. I will warn you, that some of what is shared might be triggering, or bring some things up to the surface of your consciousness in the emotional plane, so please be aware of what comes up and maybe journal if that feels cathartic. For those of you who grew up in stable households, with parents who did their best to display healthy love, communication, sense of responsibility and character, I hope that what is shared below helps you expand your gratitude for you grew up the exception, not the rule. You grew up within a level of privilege that the majority will never understand, only wishing, visualizing and imagining what that sense of health really looks and feels like. Please count your blessings and be compassionate, understanding and informed when hearing the stories of others, who’s journey began with trauma, heartbreak, responsibilities beyond their age and a distorted understanding of what love and relationships are. There is learning and growth in this for all of us.

I must preface what I am about to share with the fact that, I am no expert in this subject as I am still on my healing journey, still seeing a therapist, still navigating my triggers, toxic behaviours and patterns which perpetuate my self-sabotaging shadow, who’s often robbed me of some of the greatest opportunities. I am not claiming perfection, or that I have all the answers or can guide anyone else…

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